Social Media Tips Part 2:Facebook Best Practices

Social Media Tips Part 2: Facebook Best Practices

Here is the Facebook best practices edition of JAR social media tips! If you missed last week’s blogging best practices, make sure to check them out!

Facebook started out as a social network for college students. But as we all know, it quickly grew to encompass high school students as well, and then anyone with an email address. At times, Facebook has even surpassed Google in its daily traffic.

Facebook is a place for friends, but it is ever increasingly becoming a place for business as well, though it maintains is casual tone. Facebook started with groups and has moved swiftly to Fan Pages. From the “Become A Fan” to “Like” buttons, Facebook is constantly evolving.

The “Like” button for Facebook makes it easier for Fan Pages to have “fans” because, as it turns out, people are more likely to “like” something than to pledge themselves as an all out “fan” of something. This can increase the reach of a brand and create more opportunities to connect with potential customers and/or clients. Facebook can also be a great forum for your customers to share what they love about your brand, but at the same time allows them an outlet to vent about what they would like to see changed, thus affording an easy way to address customer service issues.

In order to market your business effectively on Facebook, the best place to start these days is with a Fan Page. Here are my top 3 tips for an effective Fan Page:

1. Fill out all information as completely as possible. (But of course, keep your personal privacy and thus safety in mind.) Make sure to keep your contact information updated so that clients and customers can reach you easily.

2. Post links to press releases and different articles written about your company or brand, industry related topics, promotions, and other cool bits of information that keep your fans updated about your brand. Make sure they’re interesting! Show your fan base content that will keep them coming back.

3. Interact with your visitors. Respond to their comments on your posts!

If you have questions about how to optimally set up your Fan Page, email us at! Look out for next week’s tips on Twitter best practices!

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