Social Media Toolkit Part 1: Top Twitter Tips

Super Twitter Tips for your Social Media Toolkit.

Twitter is a social media site unlike any other. You have the ability to meet  and reach people from all over the world, people with similar interest that, you may have other wise nver crossed paths with.

Twitter is a place to get to know people, share information and help one another. It is about creating value & education. It is not about selling your stuff.

Common mistakes(Spammers): If you consistently advertise or send people to lead capture pages then do not expect to attract quality people. In fact most Twitter users  call these people spammers. A good rule of thumb to remeber is no one wants to be SOLD all the time. It is called Social Media for a reason.

One way of looking at Twitter and social media as if you were at a party. What would you do, say, or act? I hope you would ask people questions about what they like, about their job or what is important to them ? Family, friends, hobbies, movies & more.

Twitter is in reality an excellent place to learn and make new friends, however it can also be a little overwhelming when you are new.

I’ve compiled some great tools to save you time & help you on Twitter.

There are more than 250 Twitter tools and applications, this guide should help save you countless hours learning about all the different tools and share some that have been a big help for me in my video & list below.

Social Media Toolkit: My Recommended List of Top Twitter Tools 

Free backgrounds for your Twitter page.

Schedule tweets, Automate welcome messages, Automate to follow and unfollow others.

Form groups, shrink tweets & URL’s, Facebook status updates & much more.

Automatically follow people with similar interest by keyword search.

Find your Target market by category or location.

Use Twellow to find your Target market for Twitter 


Find people by location and category. Find people that have your same interest.

Be sure to register so that you are listed in the directory and put yourself in categories like Green, Eco, Music, etc. This way people can find you by category. Then you will want to go and search for people in these categories and follow them.

What does RT mean on Twitter ?

RT means ReTweet – Give credit to The Tweeter

When you see RT on Twitter it is always followed by @getsocialcity (Example). This means that someone is re stating what someone else said. You are giving credit to the person who made the statement much like you would do with a quote.

  • You’ll want to make sure that you always give credit. Never just cut and paste a tweet and make it your own. That’s a big TABOO on Twitter.
  • You can add your comments and position the tweet however you like as long as you remember to RT or via the person who Tweeted it.
  • Retweeting is a big part of building relationship and making new friends on Twitter. I make sure to RT many times throughout the day and to help promote my follows.
  • Retweeting is also something you can use to determine if you will follow a person or not. I always look at their Tweets for the last day or so to see if they RT and are engaging. If I only see them Tweeting their own stuff then it is a one way street and I do not follow them.

If you are brand new to Twitter and not sure what to Tweet about then find some people that interest you and RT their tweets. You will not only learn this way, but your followers will LOVE you for it!

How to add RT/Retweet button on your Twitter page 

2 Steps to get the RT button:

1) download this

2) download this

What does # Hashtag mean on Twitter & Why do people use Hashtags? 

For those of you who are very green on Twitter, then you may be wondering what in the world does # this mean? You will see it for #GMO also known as #foods, #jobs, #organic & much much more.

#Hashtags are used for trending topics on Twitter and are also used as a way to create categories. These categories can be searched by using the search tool on Twitter. It’s a clever tool because many people put themselves in categories like #health, #eco, etc.

This is a great way to find people with like interest or participate in something fun happening on Twitter at any given time.

Another TIP for using hashtags, say you have a group of friends, or maybe you are all at a high profile event ? For example, say you are at an event and you decide to use the hashtag #vicexpo2010, then you all tweet and use this #vicexpo2010 hashtag so you can see what everyone is saying about the event.

A handy tool to see all the #Hashtags being used, and what is happening right now on Twitter visit the following URL…

What is #FollowFriday on Twitter ? 

Here are some tips and tools to help you on Follow Friday

Many people when they first start on Twitter are completely confused & have no idea what was going on?
Why do you see #FollowFriday? And what does it mean?
In a nutshell, every Friday people will send out their favorite people and recommend that others follow them.
You will often see many of the following tpyes of tweets:

#FollowFriday @getsocialcity @Vancouverfit @HealingCities @Village_900, @VictoriaTicket, @Coastal2009 , plus many others…

#FF @BlairVeenstra, @VictoriaTicket, @Elisitasphotos, plus many others…

Friday’s have been known to become a bit chaotic & potentailly stressful. Adding so new many followers can be time consuming, not mention the time involved in the attempt of recommend all of them.

There following tool makes Follow Friday so much easier. Twitter Tag Project, this tool allows you to scan the last 200 tweets, count the dups, and return your most active friends.

It’s so simple, resluts will be displayed, then you hit “Tweet” & that’s all there is to it!

Follow Friday: Latest updates & breaking news

For the most part all the tweets of the day look much the same. The TIP below will help you stand out, look a little different than everyone else using Twitter.

Consider creating value, something that gives credibility to each person, a liitle bit about this person & why you feel they are worth following.

Another TIP, make #follow recommendations every day of the week & not just on Friday. Doing so means your recommendations would really stand out apart from all the other noise on Twitter.

Have a look at some of my recommendations below…..

@twitter1 Awsome friend who does Joint Ventures w/ Authors, Speakers, Trainers, Real Estate and Niche Experts for Promotion/Profit.

@twitter2 Well respected friend. Always engages- very helpful here on Twitter & She markets a Organic Magazine. Take time 2 get 2 know her..

@twitter3 Great girl – My friend. Does Bookkeeping & Property Management Virtual Assistant. QuickBooks ProAdvisor. Excel Queen.

@twitter4 Darren is a tea drinking, guitar playing, low-carb eating, wine making sales maker – Luv it !

@twitter5 awesome guy -good friend to follow – Great Tweets – He is a marketer, entrepreneur & Passionate #Green advocate

@twitter6 Frank is super guy. Always here to help & he tweets to help keep your car and boat like new. Mobile detail biz

@twitter7 An incredibly brave women & great person who is always helpful. Follow her & learn about her cause to raise awareness….

@twitter8 Really great guy who always engages and is very helpful to me. He mixes it up with music & fun.. Be sure to follow

@twitter9 He is a great guy who always engages & here to help.


Learn how Tweetbeep and Tweetburner could help you on Twitter 

This will help you identify people with like interests & tracking for your business

TwitterLocal – Find Real-Time Local Peeps on Twitter to Network with 

A great way to connect with Local people.

How to Unfollow people on Twitter
Unfollow Tweeps who do not Tweet often enough

Your Twitter Karma
Who is following you & who is not – Bulk unfollow

Friend or Follow
Who is following & who is not – Se more detail on each person

*TwitFresh ( Awesome !)
Unfollow everyone not following you – happens within minutes (WARNING – does no take you to another screen or allow you to pick people. If you put your info in and hit submit then BAM they are all gone)


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