How to Use the @Reply @Replies in Twitter

Twitters @Reply Left You Speachless?

Read on to learn how to use @Reply in Twitter Messages

@reply is a really great feature in Twitter. You can use it to draw the attention of a specific Twitter user to a message, and letting the Twitterverse in on it as well, rather than the private direct messages, and can only be sent to people who follow you.

See the example below of how most people use @reply to send a message to a specific user:

@getsocialcity INH Help with @Replies (I need help). Can you help?

or like this:

@getsocialcity Could you please DM me your email id?

Some folks may find @replies a bit annoying if they are used in excess, especially if there are extended periods of back-and-forth between a person you follow and a person you don’t. Some people use @replies in ways that are not such an annoyance. For example here are some useful tips for using @replies, that may be more appropriate:

Personalize: make your @reply about a person as much as it is to a person

Don’t use @reply to spam people
If you want to send a message to a specific person, hoping for a re-tweet, follow them. If they follow you back, send them a direct message. Especially if you are going to send the same message to several different people who don’t know you from @adam.

DONT spam to promote you, or your product, think twice before you send @messages to a number of people that don’t even know you, even though you think they might be interested in Product.

Don’t start your @reply with @reply
Sending a tweet that starts with @reply is like starting a letter with “Dear Liz”. That’s actually fine and normal for private correspondence, but that’s not what an @reply is. Starting a tweet with @getsocialcity sends a strong signal to everyone else that this is not to them.

Don’t have extended conversations in twitter that are meaningless to followers
If you only follow one participant in a long twitter conversation, you know what I mean already. Here’s an example:

@honeybee I think that idea stinks
@honeybee Well, its not quite done yet
@honeybee What’s the hold up?
@honeybee I cant do it, I’m too busy

I could go follow @honeybee and find out what this is all about, but rather it would be nice if the author just followed the first rule.

She could have done this easily by simply replacing “its/it” and “that” with whatever she is referring to.

For example, here’s how this tweet could be fixed.

I wish I could attend Anita’s talk on Strategic Marketing Strategies with @getsocialcity today, but can’t, I’ve got PTA.

Note: this conversation is totally made up. However the twitter user named  @getsocialcity, is me….

If @reply doesn’t add to your message, just drop it

Consider this tweet:

@debtgoodbye Good Morning! have a greatsuper day

How is it any better than this?

Good Morning! have a super day

Before you send an @reply, take out the @ part and see if it makes a difference. If it doesn’t, send it without the @.

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