Tooting Your Own Horn: Promoting Yourself Online?

how to promote yourself online

For fear of tooting your own horn, a common question many new social media marketers may ask…“how do I promote myself gracefully online?” or, “how can I  make my new blog, accessible to my friends without looking like pretentious?“.

What we’re really talking about here is the delicate art of self-promotion. If you want to earn your visitors eyeballs, generated buzz or cash-in the dollar bills for something you’ve dreamed up, using social media is pretty much a must.

All too often promoting oneself online is a concept that may make many people run for cover. However there are the humble few who genuinely feel uncomfortable telling you why they are worth your time. And of course as usual, there are the countless self-righteous cads who really hate having to bother.

Self-promotion is an art, not a science, because it takes a bit of instinct and talent.
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