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social media toolkit

Hey, to all of you just getting started in social media, don't get frazzled, take it one step at a time, little by little.
The following is a list of things you might check out a along the way, a little bit at a time. 

See what works best for you, what you work best with, and last but not least, what you can simply just dismiss as unsuitable for your needs.

Now, if along the way you find some great resources, you find useful to include here, it would be great to have you to add them in the comments section, below.

Add the following list below to your social media toolkit, find some of the most popular online applications and other sites to consider using for your social media marketing strategy.

Top Blogging  

  1. Blogger – free blogging and hosting. 
  2. – free blogging and hosting.
  3. – free blog software, needs host.
  4. Tumblr – free blogging and hosting.
  5. Movable Type – paid software, needs host.
  6. TypePad – paid blogging and hosting.

How About Microblogging

  1. BrightKite – microblogging, mobile, location.
  2. FriendFeed – microblogging/ aggregator.
  3. Posterous – microblogging, and/or sends to other sites.
  4. – open source microblogging.
  5. Jaiku – microblogging, mobile too.
  6. Seesmic – video microblogging.
  7. Pownce – microblogging and file sharing.
  8. Plurk – microblogging and threaded conversations. 
  9. Utterz – microblogging, mobile, video.
  10. Twitter – microblogging and mobile.

Social Networks

  1. Facebook – general networking.
  2. Flickr – photo and video sharing.
  3. – music sharing.
  4. LibraryThing – book lovers.
  5. LinkedIn – professional social networking.
  6. MySpace – general networking.
  7. Ning – white label social network.
  8. Pandora – music sharing.
  9. Yelp – rating restaurants and businesses.

Social Bookmarking

  1. Delicious – bookmarking.
  2. Sphinn – bookmarking/voting.
  3. StumbleUpon – bookmarking and browsing.
  4. Ma.gnolia – enhanced bookmarking. 

Social News Sites 

  1. Digg – social news.
  2. Mixx – social news.
  3. Reddit – social news.

Miscellaneous & Useful

  1. Twitter Search (formerly Summize) – search for what matters to YOU.
  2. Picnik – free online photo editing. Good for avatar pic touchups.
  3. Evernote – online and desktop note syncing/storage.
  4. – event sharing site (great for finding cool conferences).
  5. Netvibes – web start page (has Ginger social features now, too).
  6. Twingly – blog search.
  7. Compete – web ranking analysis.
  8. AideRSS – rates your blog posts.

Video Platforms

  1. – video hosting, sharing.
  2. Google Video – video hosting, sharing.
  3. Viddler – video hosting, sharing.
  4. Vimeo – video hosting, sharing.
  5. YouTube – video hosting, sharing.
  6. Mogulus – live video platform.
  7. – live video platform.
  8. BlogTV – live video platform.
  9. ooVoo – live video chat.
  10. Skitch – screen capture tool (mac).

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