Get More Traffic- Reviving Your Comatose B2B Blog

Excellent Advice By Marketing Prof's- How You Can Revive a Comatose B2B Blog

by Marketing Prof's

Blogging ain't easy, folks. Anyone who's tried to maintain a vital B2B blog knows that. And in down times, when marketers are scrambling to meet profit goals, the task becomes all the more daunting.

But offering a blog at a B2B website has become, well, a basic necessity. As Martine Hunter notes at a recent post at the B2B Ideas at Work Blog, "Studies confirm that B2B blogs with optimized content are effective at attracting prospects to corporate websites. And more than 90% of B2B buyers begin their research for purchasing decisions online."

So to help weary writers revitalize their efforts, Hunter offers "seven ways to get you and your blog engaged again." Here are four:

Refresh old blog posts. "If they are still relevant, update old blogs with a new image, a different headline, edited body copy or a new call-to-action," Hunter advises. "You may have a broader audience and many new readers now, so it's quite appropriate to re-post an oldie but goodie."

Remember that short is sweet. You don't have to write an essay, Hunter reminds us. "Consider a concise list of links, five or six ideas/trends/observations, or a short comment on another blog or article," she suggests. Or perhaps a related series of short posts: Readers might enjoy it and check back for updates.

Add keywords that are driving traffic. "Edit older posts by adding important keywords or phrases that have been driving traffic to your website," Hunter recommends.

Turn your PR into posts. Tweak that press release to turn it into a blog article.

The Point is: You, too, can post and post again. Applying a few creative twists to your postings can help take the pain out of maintaining a "live" B2B blog. Try some out.

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