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Tooting Your Own Horn: Promoting Yourself Online?


For fear of tooting your own horn, a common question many new social media marketers may ask…“how do I promote myself gracefully online?” or, “how can I  make my new blog, accessible to my friends without looking like pretentious?“. What we’re really talking about here is the delicate art of self-promotion. If you want to earn your visitors […]

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Five ways to start building your brand online


Five Ways to Start Building Your Brand Online by Small Business Trends Every business looking to build online branding must know… Corporate branding–it’s all the rage these days. Social media blogs wax on about the companies doing it right, the companies doing it wrong, and the companies that have yet to get involved at all. […]

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How to Use the @Reply @Replies in Twitter


Twitters @Reply Left You Speachless? Read on to learn how to use @Reply in Twitter Messages @reply is a really great feature in Twitter. You can use it to draw the attention of a specific Twitter user to a message, and letting the Twitterverse in on it as well, rather than the private direct messages, […]

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Social Media Toolkit Part 1: Top Twitter Tips


Super Twitter Tips for your Social Media Toolkit. Twitter is a social media site unlike any other. You have the ability to meet  and reach people from all over the world, people with similar interest that, you may have other wise nver crossed paths with. Twitter is a place to get to know people, share […]

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Social Media Tips Part 1: Blogging Best Practices


Social Media Tips Part 1: Blogging Best Practices This is the the first installment of our Social Media Tips, by JAR. Providing interesting and informative information on Social Media Tips & Blogging Best Practices. We’ve all seen them. Blogs are everywhere. About everything. They’re about all things digital, they’re about fashion, they’re about nothing in […]

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