Should You Switch From Facebook to Google+?

Posted by on 2011/07/05 at 6:47 pm

9 Reasons to Switch From Facebook to Google+ 9 reasons to switch from Facebook to Google+ by Mark Sullivan, PCWorld. The following article is reprinted from I, like many see the points, but am still not entirely convinced that Google+ will ever beat Facebook….read on below: 9 Reasons to Switch from Facebook to Google+ […]

Build Quality Backlinks For FREE!

Posted by on 2010/12/04 at 8:21 pm

25 Free One-Way Backlinks HEY,  this is GREAT!  You can get 25 free one-way backlinks to your site(s) of choice. There is no catch and you do not need to give a credit card or your Paypal details. Simply register an account and submit your links to the websites that you choose. Simple! I’ve also […]

What Calendar Plugin for WordPress Are You Using?

Posted by on 2010/11/12 at 3:32 am

There are many Calendar plugins for WordPress available, find the right one for your needs, can be a bit mind boggling. Read this first!

Get More Traffic- Reviving Your Comatose B2B Blog

Posted by on 2010/10/08 at 3:25 pm

Excellent Advice By Marketing Prof's- How You Can Revive a Comatose B2B Blog by Marketing Prof's Blogging ain't easy, folks. Anyone who's tried to maintain a vital B2B blog knows that. And in down times, when marketers are scrambling to meet profit goals, the task becomes all the more daunting. But offering a blog at a […]

How to use Tweetdeck

Posted by on 2010/10/02 at 4:26 pm

by Kathy Purdy  TweetDeck is the most useful application for managing Twitter that I’ve found. While many call it “intuitive,” some of my clients are intimidated by it. Perhaps they don’t realize it has tooltip-type hints when you mouse over the various buttons, or maybe the tips don’t explain enough. For those of you who […]

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