How to Use the @Reply @Replies in Twitter

Posted by on 2010/09/16 at 4:25 pm

Twitters @Reply Left You Speachless? Read on to learn how to use @Reply in Twitter Messages @reply is a really great feature in Twitter. You can use it to draw the attention of a specific Twitter user to a message, and letting the Twitterverse in on it as well, rather than the private direct messages, […]

Social Media Toolkit Part 1: Top Twitter Tips

Posted by on 2010/09/13 at 7:51 pm

Super Twitter Tips for your Social Media Toolkit. Twitter is a social media site unlike any other. You have the ability to meet  and reach people from all over the world, people with similar interest that, you may have other wise nver crossed paths with. Twitter is a place to get to know people, share […]

Advice Worth Taking, ‘How to avoid online business scams’

Posted by on 2010/09/10 at 9:07 pm

How to avoid online business scams by Tony Balthazar Most of us believe that people are honest and that businesses are reputable. However, with the advent of the Internet, there are likely more business scams than most of us can remember. There are some signs that you can watch for that can help you avoid […]

Excellent Information On Starting a Business in Canada

Posted by on 2010/09/10 at 8:27 pm

Starting a Business in Canada A great guide by Need help starting a business? This section of CanadaOne was designed for you. This workshop provides links to the information you need to get your business up and running – successfully! Getting Started: Planning & Registering Your Business Step 1: Are Your Ready for Entrepreneurship?Our […]

Five Tips For Writing Better Blog Posts

Posted by on 2010/09/07 at 6:32 am

Here's an interesting post by Susan Waters, publisher The Edublogger  For those of you just getting started in the social media world, you may find this very useful. Five Tips For Writing Better Blog Posts. Ever had one of those days where the words just refuse to behave? Where it feels like every word you […]

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