Should You Switch From Facebook to Google+?

Posted by on 2011/07/05 at 6:47 pm

9 Reasons to Switch From Facebook to Google+ 9 reasons to switch from Facebook to Google+ by Mark Sullivan, PCWorld. The following article is reprinted from PCWorld.com. I, like many see the points, but am still not entirely convinced that Google+ will ever beat Facebook….read on below: 9 Reasons to Switch from Facebook to Google+ […]

Social Media Tips Part 1: Blogging Best Practices

Posted by on 2010/09/13 at 5:03 pm

Social Media Tips Part 1: Blogging Best Practices This is the the first installment of our Social Media Tips, by JAR. Providing interesting and informative information on Social Media Tips & Blogging Best Practices. We’ve all seen them. Blogs are everywhere. About everything. They’re about all things digital, they’re about fashion, they’re about nothing in […]

Social Media Tips Part 2:Facebook Best Practices

Posted by on 2010/09/13 at 4:58 pm

Social Media Tips Part 2: Facebook Best Practices Here is the Facebook best practices edition of JAR social media tips! If you missed last week’s blogging best practices, make sure to check them out! Facebook started out as a social network for college students. But as we all know, it quickly grew to encompass high […]

Just What is Facebook Anyway? Why Should “You” Be Using It?

Posted by on 2010/09/10 at 4:13 pm

What makes Facebook different from other social network platforms? And, why you should use Facebook.

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